The Tom (later renamed Chris to Coupe) is a vehicle that appears in Cobra 11: Nitro, Crash Time 1, Crash Time 2: Burning Wheels and Crash Time 3: Highway Nights.


In Cobra 11: Nitro, the Tom makes its debut appearance, as it is used by detective chief inspector Tom Kranich. The vehicle overall is meant to resemble a Mercedes CLK 320 C209, but several components of the vehicle speak otherwise. Though it does look like a C209 in its greenhouse area, the grille size, and its overall shape, the front headlamps bear a strong resemblance to the Mercedes S-Class W220, while its rear lights are in the shape of older Mercedes vehicles, especially those of the Mercedes E-Class W124 and S-Class W126. The texture, however, looks as though it's similar to part of the rear lights of the Mercedes S-Class W140. Unlike the CLK, the Tom Coupe has side blinkers on its front fender panels. The wheels look like those belonging to a Mercedes 190E W124 Cosworth EVO. Like the Semir 3.0L, it comes with a police variant.

Cobra 11: Crash Time gives the vehicle a moderate facelift, with several parts of the car being changed to make it look more like a Mercedes C209. Its taillights still retain their texture, but their shape now resembles those of a Mercedes C209 and Mercedes E-Class W211. Though the shape of the headlamps have changed, they still look like those of a Mercedes W220. The front bumper now has a sportier look to it.

Crash Time 2 would bring about its last facelift; it still retains its shape, but there are chrome panels on the car. There is also a cabriolet version with lowered suspension and improved acceleration; it resembles a Mercedes-Brabus CLK Convertible.


The Coupe only appears in Cobra 11: Nitro, Crash Time 1 and Crash Time 2: Burning Wheels. The Cabrio only appears in Crash Time 2 and Crash Time 3.


  • This may be a possible predecessor to the Ben Coupe from Crash Time 4: The Syndicate, as both are based on cars of similar platforms and bases; the Coupe being based on the Mercedes CLK C209, which is a predecessor to the E-Class Coupe.
  • Like the main unmarked police vehicles in the franchise, this vehicle was named after its owners before it was changed to the name "Coupe". (Tom Kranich used this car until his death, while Chris Ritter temporarily used this car as a service vehicle before he switched it out for a Mercedes C350 W204, which the Ben B32 is based on.)
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